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susteco solutions GmbH and albrings + müller ag form strategic sales partnership

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[f.l.t.r.] Dr. Henrik Siegle, CTO Bosch Building Technologies, Habib Modabber COO/CPO, Susteco Solutions GmbH, Johanna Fuchs-Boenisch CEO, Susteco Solutions GmbH, Christopher Maier Head of Solution Business Region South, Bosch Building Technologies, Christian Albrings Founder und CEO, albrings + müller ag, Mario Kolb MRICS Partner and Head of Investment Management, albrings + müller ag

With its strategic sales partnership with albrings + müller ag, susteco solutions GmbH, a subsidiary of the Bosch Group, is gaining crucial support in expanding the market presence of its innovative cloud platform, which aims to advance sustainability and digitalization in the real estate industry.

The Susteco platform enables real estate owners, operators and service providers to transparently record, structure and process building and consumption data as well as data from third-party providers with the aim of making better decisions, cutting costs and managing and operating real estate portfolios while maintaining their value. The cloud-based platform is being further expanded through a close partnership with albrings + müller and their technical expertise.

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“Not only does albrings + müller enable market access to more customers, it also acts as a catalyst for innovative approaches in real estate consulting.”

“Not only does albrings + müller enable market access to more customers, it also acts as a catalyst for innovative approaches in real estate consulting,” explains Johanna Fuchs-Boenisch of susteco solutions GmbH. The new sales partner, specializing in technical and commercial real estate consulting, combines comprehensive expertise in the areas of development, transactions, construction, operations, processes and organization. With years of industry experience, they offer deep technical knowledge to help shape strategic decisions.

The sales partnership between susteco solutions GmbH and albrings + müller ag creates opportunities for building further customer relationships, especially in attracting companies and contacts who are interested in the software, with the aim of establishing the Susteco platform as a pioneering solution in the real estate sector. The key focus of the collaboration is on advancing the industry through digitization, transformation, and sustainability.

With susteco solutions GmbH, a Bosch company, Bosch presents its new solution platform for the real estate industry. Building upon an innovative data-driven technology for the digital onboarding of buildings and ecosystem services, Susteco provides a reliable solution and long-term vision to operate and manage real estate portfolios more efficiently and address today's sustainability challenges focusing on environmental, social and governance (ESG) topics. Developed by Bosch, an experienced company within the building sector, we rely on decades of experience. Now, as a dedicated and even more dynamic company, we are combining a deep understanding of commercial and business needs with technology expertise.

By enabling a data-driven ecosystem, we provide all stakeholders in the real estate industry with better conditions for data accessibility, data-driven insights and innovative tools that enhance decision-making, decrease costs, drive growth, and foster collaboration.

The real estate consulting firm albrings + müller combines technical and commercial expertise in the areas of transaction + investment, development + innovation, construction + operation, and processes + organization. With over 150 mandates for more than 100 clients in the DACH region, primarily in existing buildings, albrings + müller has a mission: the professionalization of the real estate world. The partnership with Susteco allows for the integration of innovative solutions into the real estate industry, setting new standards for efficiency and sustainability.

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