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Partner Summit

June 19-20th 2024, Berlin
Join our 4th Ecosystem Partner Event live for a transformative experience! 


REAL PropTech 2024

September 4-5th 2024, Frankfurt (Main)
Susteco is delighted to be a sponsor and panelist. 



October 7-9th 2024, Munich
Visit our booth at the fair! Appointments can be booked from September 2024 onwards!


REAL PropTech Conference 2023

September 6 - 7th, Frankfurt (Main)
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Our CEO Panel Talk

How data enables new business models – A concrete use case.

Construction has traditionally been a highly physical process, making it challenging to scale effectively. However, even buildings now generate data, starting in the planning phase. This allows for data-driven digital services, enabling us to partially digitize the construction process. Today, we can specify requirements for buildings and facilities as digital twins, continuously assess their achievement in planning, during commissioning, and in regular operations. What was previously challenging or required on-site expert work can now be done remotely and largely automated. This technical monitoring serves as an excellent example of how data enables new business models.


Real Estate Strategy 2024

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January 17th 2024, Munich
Our CEO and other speaker talked about dealing with ESG issues, about successful ESG strategies, their implementation and other questions on this topic.




October 4-6th 2023, Munich
Susteco makes its Expo Real debut! Following the successful announcement at the end of September 2023 regarding the spin-off, we had a fantastic experience at Europe's largest real estate fair and succeeded.




REAL PropTech


September 6-7th 2023, Frankfurt (Main)
At a recent REAL PropTech conference panel, Susteco's CEO, Johanna Fuchs-Boenisch, delved into "How data enables new business models – A concrete use case." The engaging session sparked discussions and highlighted innovative perspectives.

Jul 31st - Aug 1st 2023, Stuttgart

3rd Partner Summit

Workshops in small groups provided insights into the EFFECT and REASONS essential for the ecosystem. The Partner Summit successfully bolstered the ecosystem, fostering collaboration and synergies among diverse partners through effective networking.
November 9th 2022, Berlin @Bosch Connected World

2nd Partner Summit

The second Partner Summit occurred at Bosch Connected World 2022, fostering a meaningful exchange among diverse participants and companies. The summit showcased the first time announcement of the Susteco brand name.

May 12-13th 2021, Stuttgart

1st Partner Summit

Looking back at the opening Partner Summit by Susteco, formerly Building Management Service Suite (BMSS), was a significant milestone. The event brought together over 30 ecosystem partners, fostering collaboration and shared insights. It proved to be a valuable experience, laying the foundation for ongoing growth and partnership within the ecosystem.
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