3rd Partner Summit

Jul 31st - Aug 1st 2023, Stuttgart


Reflection on the 3rd Partner Summit

The Partner Summit held at the distinguished Robert Bosch Villa was an enriching and insightful event, bringing together exceptional speakers, engaging workshops, and valuable networking opportunities. The day unfolded with compelling keynote addresses from notable speakers who shared profound insights into various aspects of partner ecosystems.


Robert Schrobenhauser took the stage to delve into the Success Factors of Partner Ecosystems, providing a comprehensive understanding of the key elements that contribute to the success of collaborative partnerships. His expertise shed light on the intricacies of building and sustaining effective ecosystems, emphasizing the need for robust strategies and collaboration frameworks.

Following this, Dirk Bartsch from BerlinHyp shared his expertise, offering valuable perspectives on the intricacies of partner ecosystems in the context of BerlinHyp. His presentation not only provided a glimpse into the specific challenges and opportunities within his industry but also highlighted the adaptability and resilience required for success in dynamic ecosystems.

Peter Spiegel, in his presentation on Future Skills, painted a compelling picture of the skills and competencies that will be crucial for navigating the evolving landscape of partner ecosystems. As industries continue to transform, staying ahead of the curve in terms of skills becomes imperative, and Peter Spiegel's insights provided a roadmap for individuals and organizations to thrive in the ever-changing landscape.


The summit then transitioned into interactive workshops where participants engaged in discussions within small groups. These workshops aimed to foster a deeper understanding of the EFFECT (Characteristics) and the REASONS (Conditions) that are vital for the success of partner ecosystems. Through collaborative efforts, participants collectively shaped a comprehensive perspective on the intricate dynamics and requirements of fostering a thriving ecosystem.


Networking played a pivotal role in the success of the Partner Summit. The event provided a platform for participants to forge meaningful connections, share experiences, and explore potential collaborations. The strength of an ecosystem lies in the relationships built among its diverse partners, and the summit effectively facilitated the strengthening of these connections.

Historical location

One of the highlights of the event was an exclusive tour of the Robert Bosch Villa. Beyond being a stunning architectural gem, the villa stood as a testament to innovation and technological advancement. Participants were treated to a experience of a space that was ahead of its time, reflecting the ethos of the Bosch brand. The tour added a unique dimension to the summit, showcasing the intersection of history, technology, and visionary thinking.


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