2nd Partner Summit

November 9th 2022, Berlin @Bosch Connected World


Reflection on the 2nd Partner Summit

The second Partner Summit took place during Bosch Connected World 2022, encouraging a substantial dialogue among a varied group of participants and companies. At the summit, the Susteco brand name was officially announced for the first time.


Fostering an enriching conversation among a diverse assembly of participants and companies creates an environment where a multitude of perspectives and ideas converge. We foster collaboration, encourage innovation, and facilitate the exchange of valuable insights, ultimately enhancing the dynamism and vibrancy of our community.


Upcoming events


Real Estate Arena

June 5-6th 2024, Hannover
As a co-exhibitor at the real estate arena, we will showcase our innovative solutions for modern property and asset management.


Partner Summit

June 19-20th 2024, Berlin
Join our 4th Ecosystem Partner Event live for a transformative experience! 


PropTech Connect

September 4-5th 2024, London
Visit our booth at the fair! It's our first time having a booth at PROPTECH CONNECT 2024, where people can join us.


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