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Breaking down data barriers key to protecting asset value

Watch the full Thought Leaders interview with Richard Betts from the British publisher 'The Real Asset Insight', in which our CEO, Johanna Fuchs-Boenisch, elaborates on the impact of digital data accessibility.

Building an ecosystem

Buildings have the potential to become key drivers in reaching sustainability goals. With an increasing global focus on climate change and the need to reduce carbon emissions, buildings will have to contribute significantly to sustainability efforts. We provide a straightforward, comprehensive platform where partners leverage their own business by offering their products and services to a growing customer base.

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Solutions for tomorrow

By integrating sustainable practices, buildings can become energy efficient, environmentally sound, and socially responsible. Thus they will contribute to sustainable growth by reducing greenhouse-gas emissions and conserving resources.
With data-driven insights, we empower our customers to make informed, actionable decisions for their building or portfolio of buildings.
With data-driven insights of one or more buildings we enhance decision-making for our customers.

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What drives us

With strategies like smart, energy-efficient technology, a building can become more attractive to potential tenants while also increasing operational efficiency, thus reducing cost over the short and long term.

As a Bosch corporate start-up, Susteco transforms building data into actionable business information by leveraging advanced analytics that support data-driven decisions.

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We believe in collaboration

Partnering with our ecosystem of digital building management experts brings exponential advantages and growth opportunities. With Bosch’s proven industry experience, Susteco provides access to a diverse network of industry leaders, cutting-edge technologies, and collaborative opportunities. Together, we'll drive innovation, unlock new markets, and achieve sustainable growth for all stakeholders.

Benefit from our proven solutions and take your asset management to the next level. Tap into our valuable resources, best practices, and successful collaboration for your real estate portfolio. Make your buildings net zero and ESG compliant, whilst increasing the value of your investments.


Explore our partners’ experience

Sabine Giesa

Managing Director, EHTW

Sabine Giesa



"The Susteco platform and the concurrent ecosystem represent a significant step towards our shared vision of sustainability. All members of the ecosystem have established clear goals that we aim to achieve through close collaboration. Our commitment to reaching net zero emissions and confronting climate change head-on requires cooperation across the industry, rather than competition. The fact that Susteco includes every level and service provider within a real estate building, including waste management companies like ours, underscores its distinctive nature."

Carsten Kreutze

CEO, Recogizer

Carsten Kreutze



"At Recogizer, we're dedicated to collaboration, and we're thrilled to join the Susteco ecosystem. Susteco delivers a complete, data-driven solution for the real estate industry, driving holistic building operation to the next level. As the expert for HVAC predictive control we add the market’s most powerful solution for automated energy savings. Recogizer enables property owners and operators to meet ESG compliance quickly and minimize devaluation risks. Together we amplify our impact for a greener world!"

Robin Schönfeld

Project Leader for Digital Engineering, Kaulquappe

Robin Schönbach



"Service or software ecosystems are an important and essential part of the digital transformation of society, companies, projects and processes - and this is especially a key factor for bringing back productivity to the AEC industry. Currently, more and more software ecosystems are taking the spotlight based on bidirectional interfaces and open data formats. Therefore, the SUSTECO ecosystem offers a platform for all stakeholders to build and consolidate a sustainable and valuable ecosystem for use cases of specific customers from the AEC sector together with industry-leading partners. The excellent and strong collaboration of the partners, the professional organization and coordination of SUSTECO meetings and annual events by the hosts, as well as the high quality of the technical discussions don’t leave us in any doubt that we will continue to actively participate in the SUSTECO ecosystem after the current two years."


Managing Partner, Blackprint

Sarah Maria Schlesinger



"The next level of digitalisation, innovation and future readiness in the real estate sector is the establishment of open, strong ecosystems. I share 100% the vision that sustainability and transformation in the built world can only be advanced through consistent cooperation with partners, with the market. That's what fascinated me about the groundbreaking potential of the BMSS story from the first second. The only drawback so far: it needs more speed, because the need is huge and the climate crisis doesn't leave us any more time. Together with SUSTECO we have a chance. How huge, that´s in our hands."


Global VP, Channel and Alliances, measurabl

Shaine Mohan



"Measurabl & Bosch have been collaborating on the Susteco ecosystem this past year and the partnership has gone from strength to strength. Measurabl provides in depth analytics on the built environments energy consumption trends, carbon emissions, and portfolio & asset level sustainability initiatives.Working closely with Susteco, our combined ecosystem gives real estate owners true ownership of their data from the boiler room to the board room.Susteco and Measurabl are excited to meet the real estate industry’s growing sustainability objectives."


At Susteco, we are working to provide the real estate industry with a professional network and digital platform to successfully pivot for digital transformation.

All stakeholders and partners interact and rely on each other within our digital real estate ecosystem. Their collective activities influence market dynamics, property values, investment opportunities, and the overall trajectory of the real estate industry.

Collaboration and coordination are essential for a vibrant and successful real estate ecosystem. Overall, a digital real estate ecosystem enhances market efficiency, stimulates economic growth, fosters innovation, mitigates risks, promotes sustainability, and benefits consumers.

By bringing together diverse stakeholders and facilitating their collaboration, our digital ecosystem creates a foundation for a dynamic and resilient real estate industry.

Innovation and Adaptability

A digital ecosystem provides a fertile ground for innovation and implementation in the real estate industry. Participants within our ecosystem can share ideas, collaborate on research and development, and implement new technologies and practices. This fosters the evolution of sustainable building techniques, smart technologies, and innovative financing models that drive progress and address emerging challenges.

Customer Benefits

A robust ecosystem ultimately benefits all customers, whether they are owners, tenants, managers, or investors. Our digital ecosystem supports a competitive marketplace, providing customers with a wide range of options, transparent information, and access to professional services. Collaboration and innovation within our ecosystem lead to an improved customer experience, enhanced property quality, and increased affordability.


Our real estate ecosystem helps mitigate risks associated with property development, investment, and management. Collaboration among stakeholders allows for diversified expertise and less individual risk. For example, developers may partner with investors to reduce financial risk, while property managers provide expertise in tenant relations and maintenance, minimizing operational risks.

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